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Depends on the type of alterations it is highly recommended to bring the following items to your appointment:

  • shoes that you're planning to wear with your garment so I can mark a hemline correctly;

  • undergarments/shapewear (mostly for wedding/formal dress alterations)

  • a hair tie to pull your hair up

  • dress shirt (recommended, not required) for men's suit alterations. It will help us to get a better idea of jacket's sleeves length.


Typical turnaround time for basic alterations is 7-10 days. This does not include formal wear/wedding gowns. In the event that you require your alterations to be completed in a timely manner, a RUSH fee will apply, but it's based on our availability and the amount of work we have. The amount of the rush fee varies according to the degree of difficulty of the alterations.


It is highly recommended to wash your newly purchased clothes before altering. It will help to reduce the risk of shrinkage after alterations. 

If you need alterations on a garment that is not new, then please wash it before bringing it in. Garments should be soil, dirt, oil, smoke, and animal hair free before altering. 

Our policy is that all clothing we alter must have been freshly washed, whether by washing machine, by hand, or by dry cleaners.

Occasionally, our clients indicate that their items are clean, but we later discover otherwise. In this scenario, you will be notified that the items must be washed and returned before we can proceed. As a result, your project's completion date may be affected.

Our alteration place strives to maintain an organized and clean environment.

We would appreciate your respect for our employees' safety and health.


  • Deposits for complex alterations may be required.

  • Orders that are left unclaimed will be donated after 60 days.

  • Typical turnaround time for basic alterations is 7-10 days. This does not include wedding gowns and formal wear (30+ days).

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